There really isn’t that much to say about me. A Finnish middle-aged guy, a father of two children, a husband, a B2B marketing expert (that’s where I get my paycheck from), a parrot owner, a geek and a DiYer with random assortment of some skills.

I’ve done some random stuff during my life, like written few non-fiction books in Finnish (few about parrots, one about marketing), done photography, triathlon (completed Ironman 70.3 few years ago but currently with small children that’s on pause), woodworking and so on. I just tend to get exited with learning new stuff and skills.

While I’ve been building my simpit for a bit longer now, this website / Youtube project is just something new to try. It’s naturally for a niche audience but I’d imagine there are some people interested in this stuff.

My plans for this website (and other channels)

I know I’ll be working with my simpit project in the future and I’d guess there’s a niche audience for it. So I’m going to use this website and my Youtube channel for documenting my journey with it.

It’s quite clear that I don’t have any plans to become a major content creator or anything like that. I make a good enough living with my current career and can’t see any reason why a boring guy from Finland could become popular enough gaming content creator to make a living out of it.

UndeadParrot origins

Parrots have been an important part of my life for quite some time now; I’ve even written few books about parrot keeping and training (in Finnish). And Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch is every parrot owner’s favourite. So it’s just a nod towards that direction.

And yes, I do have a Talon with a blue paint in Star Citizen.

Contact me

You can send me a DM through Youtube or Instagram, or send me an email at

Just a disclaimer: I can’t build you a simpit. Even if you were in Finland, I’m not that good woodworker so, to get a sensible hourly pay, the price would be far too great.