With this setup, I decided to use green lighting since it just felt more pleasing to my eye. It’s also right color for my F/A-18C Hornet modules for DCS that I’m going to start building.

There are currently two different types of LED lights in use:

  • Background lighting for panels is made with green LEDs.
  • Cockpit lighting in trims is made with LED lists.

I’m using an old second-hand 430W computer PSU to power the lighting.

There is also a full episode of setting up the power, lighting and power control panel in Youtube.

The PSU is inside the right cabinet and is connected into PSU breakout board. I can get different voltages out from the board easily; for lighting I’m using 12V.

From the breakout board, cables go to the lighting control panel. There’s both LED dimmer and separate on/off switch to control different circuits.

There are currently four circuits:

  • Cabin light: basic background lighting
  • Instrument lighing 1: background lighting for panels that are permanent parts of the cockpit
  • Instrument lighting 2: background lighting for the modular panels
  • Reading light: not currently in use, I’ll make a reading/map light here some day