Center / Dashboard Display

The center display is a basic Lenovo’s 27″ display. The whole idea of this setup is modularity: I can add different overlays on top of the screen for different games, like Star Citizen and DCS.

For Star Citizen, I’m using an app called GameGlass. It’s something I’ve been using basically as long as playing Star Citizen and also I’m in their affiliate program at the moment. So if you would like to help my project a bit and want to check it out, you can use my affiliate link and if you’ll end up getting a paid version, use promotion code “undead” to get a 5 % discount.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen doesn’t have a way to export MFDs into an external screen. Perhaps it’ll get it some day, perhaps not, we don’t know. Hopefully we’ll at least get APIs.

For Star Citizen, I built an overlay and attached a 15.6″ touch display into it (that I had as an extra from my previous cockpits). Below the display, there’s also a small tablet embedded into it.

You can watch a video about the build project here.

I’m using a software called GameGlass that basically lets you to turn any tablet, phone or touch screen into a game controller and where you can use existing “shards” or create your owns.

The touch screen is attached to an external computer that I used to record my gameplay videos with OBS. I’ll just have to go to URL and make the browser full screen to use it. Tablets are also easy to use: just download GameGlass app on it.

I have also partnered with so if you’d like to check it out, you can use my affiliate link (and help my project a bit) and if you’ll end up getting paid version, use my promo code “undead” to get 5 % off. 


This project is still very much work-in-progress. I noticed the Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs are really close to the size of Capt Zeen’s Helios profile’s MFD screen so I cut a suitable sized piece of plexi glass and I’m attaching the MFDs (and later other stuff) into it.