Some questions and comments tend to pop up quite often when I’m discussin about this project.

What games do you play with the setup?

As evident from this site, mostly Star Citizen. I have also tried Elite Dangerous and it was a good game. If Star Citizen wasn’t around, I would probably play it more often.

Other than that, I have Flight Simulator 2020 installed for occasional relaxed civilian aviation. There are few interesting flight games I’d like to try at some point, like Frontier Pilot Simulator. I just don’t have that much time for gaming so it’ll have to wait.

As I’m writing this, I’m also dying often in Elden Ring.

You really must love Star Citizen?

It’s not that simple question. Naturally I like the game and planning to play it during years to come.

But it’s not just about building stuff because I want to play the game. I find planning and building this stuff as fun as playing games with it.

What about DCS?

It would seem that DCS community has a relatively large amount of serious simpit builders. Personally I don’t even dare to try it: if I’d like it, I would in no time find myself building a copy of a real aircraft’s cockpit.

I just recently bought the F/A-18C Hornet in DCS and trying to make my new cockpit a modular setup that could accommodate both space and flight sims.

How much money have you spent on the project?

Well, this is the first question people usually ask. And to be honest, for my mental health, I haven’t calculated it.

It’s not as much as you might think though: I’ve bought lots of second hand stuff, waited for good offers and naturally built lots of stuff myself (often using stuff I have already lying around).

Can you play anything else with it?

Yes. While writing this I’ve clocked about 10 hours on Elden Ring. The car seat is quite nice so I can lean back and play with a controller.

For longer sessions with mouse and keyboard games I’m planning to build a tray I can use in front of me. Perhaps when Diablo 4 comes out some day. At the moment not really feeling like I’d like to give more money to Blizzard.

You must have far too much time on your hands.

That’s not really a question, isn’t it?

But no, I really don’t have. It’s just how I choose to spend the time.

How much time you spend playing in the simpit?

Remarkably little compared to the effort gone into building it. I have a family with two small children, career, pets, old house with renovation stuff etc.

For me, it’s more about making sure that the experience is really top notch when I find some time for gaming.

How do you feel if you're killed by a mouse and keyboard player (in Star Citizen)?

This is an interesting question that has popped up often and is based on few false premises.

  • I’m not a competitive player. If you are, that’s fine, I can respect that. But I have so much stuff going on in my life that I’m never going to have time to become actually good player in any game. That’s not my goal, I play games to relax.
  • The simpit doesn’t make me a better player. Perhaps a HOSAS player might have some edge over a M+KB player of similar skill level but beyond that, it’s just for fun and to create an amazing experience.

There are lots of better M+KB players out there than I am so I don’t mind.

Can you build me a simpit?

Sorry, but no. I’m a B2B marketer by trade and this stuff is just something I do on top of that. I don’t have time or skills to do woodworking or anything like that on professional level.

Do you stream?

No, and I don’t have currently any plans to do it, for few reasons:

  • I simply don’t have time to stream regularly.
  • With the little time I have, I want mostly to just enjoy playing and relax. And occasionally do some content.
  • I feel that a successful streamer needs to have an interesting personality. I don’t think I have any.

Edit: Might consider trying it out this year if people are interested. Would be still something I did once a month or something like that.