Besides the few ready made panels, I also design and build my own panels. Mostly for fun and for added details for the cockpits, but in the future, I’m also starting to build Hornet specific panels to be used with DCS.

These panels are 3D printed (with Ender 3 V2) and markings are made with laser engraver.

First I design the panels in Fusion 360 and then 3D print them with white PLA. 

After printing there’s some sanding to do and then I paint the panels with black spraypaint. Usually two or three coats.

The markings are done with a laser engraver that basically burns the black paint off. This way they can look white but also allows the backlight to shine through.

I add the necessary LEDs behind the panel (usually 2-4 LEDs and a resistor in one circuit), add the buttons and the wiring.

The lighting control panel with background lighting test.