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Star citizen & DCS cockpit project

Building a modular home / virtual / simulation cockpit (simpit) for space and flight simulators. Mostly I play Star Citizen and DCS with it. This website has information and details about the project as it progresses.

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Watch videos about the project; both updates and occasional gameplay.

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About the cockpit project

I’m your average middle-aged guy who just tends to get carried away with stuff; like this home cockpit to be used with flight and space simulators. This website and everything around it is here to document my progress with the project.

I started building the first version of the cockpit November 2021 and second (current) version Summer 2022. But the project is never going to be ready; it’s something  I’ll be working with when I have new ideas and time. So this isn’t going to be a full-blown gaming channel with frequent updates, but a place to document my progress. If you’d like to follow the project and get notified about new stuff, follow it on Youtube and Instagram.

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Build it yourself

You can download the 3D model I used for my latest cockpit build here for free if you want to build a similar cockpit yourself.

» Download the cockpit 3D model

Videos from Youtube