Download my cockpit's 3D model here (for Star Citizen, DCS, Flight Simulator and other simulators)

Quick video links:

Here you can download the 3D model that I created (with Fusion 360) for my new simulation / home cockpit that I plan to use for Star Citizen, DCS and Flight Simulator 2020. Here you can find a Youtube playlist of making of videos that I’ve made while building the cockpit here: Building a new virtual / simulation cockpit. And I’m also going to upload photos of variations made by other people into Gallery.

Just few things you probably should notice before downloading:

  • This isn’t completely identical with the setup I’ve been working with (aka in the photo above). I’ve made some changes along the way. Check the making of videos if you want to see those changes.
  • I made these designs for 21 mm plywood. That’s probably quite close to 7/8 inch.
  • I used four sheets of plywood and also some material I had lying around.
  • This isn’t probably a good project for a completely unexperienced woodworker. If unsure, check the making of videos I’ve made.
  • I don’t know if this will work with CNCing. Feel free to try and let me know.
  • You can download the 3D file and build a cockpit as in the model, or make changes and build it. You can also pay someone else to build the cockpit or CNC the parts.
  • You can make content about your build project. I would appreciate a link back to here and/or my Youtube channel though.
  • You can not (without my permission) to use these files as part of your commercial operations.

If you need help with building this, best way to contact me is by joining my Discord server.

I currently have the 3D model available in four different file formats: .f3d .fbx .obj and .stl. I really don’t know much about 3D designing process, just winging it as I go. So these are offered as-is. If there are some issues, let me know. I try to solve them if I just have time or know how to.

Download the files from Google Drive folder